• El Croquis

#167 Smiljan Radic 2003-2013

El Croquis, 2013

ISBN/ISSN: 0212-5633



El Croquis

#167 Smiljan Radic 2003-2013

Biography The Game of Opposites, Enrique Walker A Conversation with Smiljan Radic, Alejandro G. Crispiani Extension to Charcoal Burner's House and Public Space in Culiprán Room in San Miguel Bío Bío Regional Theatre CR House VIK Wine Cellar Copper House 2 Chilean House 1 & 2 Viña VIK Hotel-Cabin Pite House FM MM Houses Mestizo Restaurant Meeting Point Home for All Shehouse Environmental Science Museum The Selfish Giant's Castle Piedra Roja House The Boy Hidden in a Fish The Boy Hidden in an Egg House for the Poem of the Right Angle Fragile Yungay Project Performing Arts Hall Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art Extensions Boca Sur Civic District

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