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July 1, 2013


Digital publications for 0 Euros. Because we want you to thoroughly know our catalogue in depth. Because we’re working hard to present you with the best publications specializing in art and visual culture on the planet. And because we have designed a viewer and an app so you can enjoy them anywhere. Here you have a selection of five of our free publications. Do you need more of an excuse to try visualMANIAC?

Unless You Will #26

This magazine is one of our favorites of the entire catalogue. Conceptual articles by artists with hardly more dialogue than their spectacular photography. Ester Vonplon, Aline Smithson, Mariana Rothen, Jessica Backhaus, and Annick Ligtermoet star in this inspiring issue.


Joaquim Anson - Mobles. Muebles. Furniture Pieces - Martí Anson, Julià Guillamon, Andreu Beneit

A real gem for lovers of industrial design and nostalgia. This book compiles the sketches drawn by Joaquim Anson between the 60s and 70s, both on a technical and functional level. Their aim was to supply useful furniture to a middle class family from Mataró. His life is tenderly portrayed through photos and anecdotes. A ten.


Making Is Thinking - Zoë Gray

Do you know Witte de Witt? It’s a really interesting center for contemporary art based in Rotterdam that also edits books. This is their first digital publication, corresponding to the exhibition by the same name, which aims to stop the existing dichotomy between the practical and the intellectual”.

255 - Souvenir #5


After a brainy reading, surely you’d feel like trying something lighter. Maybe this motley collection of the memories taken after summer holidays. Photos, drawings, objects… A challenge: this year you can be inspired by it and do your own tour.

The Balde #68

Anti-trend trend magazine. Namely, a guide to the present but without them telling you how you have to dress or what you have to listen to. This issue, now just for this cover dedicated to illustrator Ricardo Cavolo, deserves a spot in “your library”.

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