February 13, 2012


Today –just like yesterday and the day before (and I better stop or I’ll never finish)– the spirit of the Occupy Movement still prevails. So it makes sense to remember one of the most interesting initiatives born last May by the heat of the flames that warmed up Puerta del Sol square, in Madrid, and so many other squares (physical and virtual). We are talking, of course, of #bookcamping or “some books to understand how we got here (because we don't come from nowhere)". The shame is that –for now– this project is only available in Spanish.

This open and collaborative library, crammed with texts, audio files and videos, has a clear goal: "to socialize the reading experience and encourage the sharing culture”. It is all organized in different shelves with evocative names, such as "Fear and loathing: non-fiction, chronicles and narrative journalism”; "Counter-culture and critical art. From the base, from the margins, always”; "The future (of the book) is here at last, wuo, wuo, wuo” o "Under the radar: *zines, satirical posters and Samizdat”. #Bookcamping, committed with free culture, allows downloading only contents with free licence while those editions with copyright are mentioned only as a reference.

A few weeks ago the project received an important encouragement –in the shape of coins and notes from 224 people– after its success in Goteo, the social network that supports collective financing of initiatives that encourage the commons. It seems that –at least– free culture is in luck.

Because all revolutions need a library, “what book would you take to your square/camping/bookcamping?”.

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