By Alberto Puras | Intro: Sara Zaldívar . September 20, 2012


A shy Alberto Puras waves at the end of each fashion show even though he's already run three. First it was •Collage•, then •Trauma• and last, but not least, •N.Cero•.

Puras designs that kind of garments that shout at you from the clothes rack inviting you to take them into your wardrobe. •N.Cero• came out a few weeks ago. Combinations of faultless fabrics, tasteful savoir faire and final details or patchworks with tonal textures, which have clearly evolved both technically and personally. Twenty-five non-professional models, although a few looked like they were, finished off the perfect jigsaw. And if that wasn’t enough, the performance accessories were the result of a collaboration with Steve Mono, another marvel of creation about whom I could also write... a few pages.

Dear human beings, let’s put a little Alberto Puras in our lives to realise that fashion is not only found in an exhibition site with acrylic carpet. He thanked his mother for •N.Cero• and we thank him for his selection of books and magazines.



The following titles are only a small sample of the great selection of magazines/books that for one or other reason are piled up on my bookcase, tables and chairs, clinging to the hope of being forgotten one day:




"This issue of colors magazine is free, just as freedom of expression should be"  
-COLORS special edition-

This edition was the outcome of a collaboration with COLORS magazine. They asked me to capture in a blank cover the answer to the question: Your ideal city. I can’t remember my work but luckily enough I saved a few extra issues, because my ideal city is still to be built.

I hope one day I can stick a postcard of it on the cover. 


I heart boy

I heart boy
Powerhouse Books Brooklyn, NY, photographs by J Yatrofsky

One of my most important relics, brought from the heart of Manhattan after a long experience living there. At times it played the role of partner, lover and friend. The selected pictures are excessively captivating and extremely emotive.

“We’ve had some good times together, my dear friend”.

The Issue

UNDERSCORE N.1 The_issue

I try to picture what the first issue of my first magazine/fanzine/memoirs would be like… and I have no idea. But this first edition did it quite well. I wasn’t sure what it was until I ran into it in Paris, among the striking covers of Purple, Vogue, L’Officiel… This one won. Small sized, great contents and a free pencil!

It wasn’t there to decorate the cover, it was stuck to the subscription tab: 2 Issues at US$20 / 4 Issues at US$40

“They are not stupid”.


Una revista de Paco y Manolo
The 10th issue

Manuel, Giuseppe, Rafael, John, Piotr, Paul, Óscar, Diego, Leandro, Nacho, Pau, Mauro, Fernando, Carles, Carlo, Román, Juan, Caio, Víctor, Carlos, Pablo, Pedro, Joaquín, Andreu, Marcelo, Juan Manuel, David, Nico, Floríián, Lolo, Carlos, Marcelo, Alberto (not me), Bernardo, Ivano.

Mi ex-partner thought I was filthy because I liked this magazine. I never understood that. Is there anything wrong with wanting to be a mouse to sneak into each one of the rooms, parks, kitchens and bathrooms where these pictures were taken? For now, I’ll stick with the wonderful work of voyeurism by these two guys.



Butt N.26 -The Homo Quarterly - Winter 2008/09

A magazine named butt can be nothing but good. So good that they complement the photography and interviews sections with merchandising. I must confess I have the towel, the t-shirt and the book.

What’s more, I also have a profile on their site:

And why not?

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