By Iván López Munuera | Intro: Teresa de Andrés. August 3, 2012


Iván López Munuera is an independent contemporary art critic and curator. He channels his energies as teacher and lecturer in the classrooms of universities and cultural organizations such as Círculo de Bellas Artes, Istituto Europeo di Design or the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He also writes for specialised newspapers and journals such as El País, Lápiz or Arte y Parte.

He gives the form and content to exhibition and research projects in museums and art centres such as Reina Sofía, Matadero Madrid or ARCO. He is in charge of the talk show Fuzzy Now Broadcasting TV and is currently preparing Pop Politics. Activismos a 33 revoluciones for the art centre CA2M. Today he is in charge of filling our shelves with pure and spirited titles, hedonist and bastard.


Simon Reynolds,

Retromanía. La adicción del Pop a su propio pasado [Retromania: Pop Culture's Addiction to Its Own Past], Simon Reynolds. La Caja Negra

As he points out from the very beginning "Could it be that the greatest danger to the future of our music culture is… its past?”. Reynolds is currently one of the sharpest forensics of contemporary cultural phenomena and Retromania is a monument to our addiction to the past.

Timothy Snyder, Tony Judt

Pensar el Siglo XX [Thinking the Twentieth Century], Tony Judt y Timothy Snyder. Taurus

Judt’s latest book, a personal and collective biography through a conversation held with Snyder in which they shed the utopias, disasters and possibilities of the twentieth century. A will cast towards the present.

Werker, Marc Roig, Rogier Delfos. Matadero Madrid

Werker, Marc Roig, Rogier Delfos

A series of publications launched in 2009, prepared by artists Marc Roig and Rogier Delfos, which pose a photographic and performative journey on the possibilities of embodying the working conditions in today's cultural productions.

Padgett Powell,

El sentido interrogativo ¿Una novela? [The Interrogative Mood: A Novel?], Alpha Decay

In a social structure in which it seems like assertions enjoy more significance than questionings, Padget Powell builds a novel based exclusively on questions, starting with the enigmatic “Are your emotions pure?”. A beginning that only makes you anticipate the best.

Miguel Noguera

Ser madre hoy, Miguel Noguera. Blackie Books

Short stories, tales, anecdotes, possible performances, wonderful routines and hilarious notes by the artist Miguel Noguera. A guide on low intensity sacrileges, pathological complexities and daily stupidity.


Jarvis Cocker

Madre, hermano, amante [Mother, Brother, Lover], Jarvis Cocker. Reservoir Books

Someone who has been able to capture the zeitgeist of different generations and who has made us feel accompanied in the darkest, most unpleasant, boring and delightful of our situations. Someone who makes us think that Razzmatazz is heaven on earth.

Falke Pisan

Figures of speech, Falke Pisano. Christoph Keller Editions

Pisano’s work reflects on how to build narratives in contemporary art and on how these are inserted in society through stereotypes and simple fables. He strips down everything we believed in to rephrase it as something more evocative and thought-provoking.

Eva Illouz

Intimidades congeladas. Las emociones del capitalismo [Cold Intimacies: The Making of Emotional Capitalism], Eva Illouz. Katz

A reading of contemporaneity through emotions. A revaluation and an analysis of concepts such as anxiety, love, competitiveness, indifference or guilt in a world that seems to grant a privilege to all that is aseptic and disaffected instead of the complexity of feelings.

David Bestué,

Formalismo puro. Un repaso a la arquitectura moderna y contemporánea de España, David Bestué. Ed. Tenov

Like in all of Bestué's studies, counter-history riddled with surprising discoveries, like Giménez Caballero’s thoughts on cement: “it is atrocious, it smells like dirt, like five-year plans, like Bolshevik novels, an American film, a free woman, an organised misery, the dissolution of family, numbered clerks. If there is a hostile material to hang a crucifix, that is cement”.

Luc Sante

Mata a tus ídolos [Kill All Your Darlings], Luc Sante. Libros del K.O

A compilation of Sante’s pieces written from agitation and unrestraint. A thrilling journey through his feelings: from Bob Dylan’s cigarettes to a New York in flames and several of the sweatiest parties that can ever be imagined.

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