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By visualMAG. January 3, 2013


By now you must be aware that Christmas is approaching and that it is here to stay, until next year at least. This is one of the best times to pick up a book. For that reason we are giving away two unique packs to our readers with five very special publications each. Photography, design, illustration and essays are just some of the topics we are giving away this holiday season. And, since there is nothing better than giving when you receive a gift, we would like you and one of your friends to take away a pack of five books and magazines each.

What do you have to do to take part?*

It is very simple. All you have to do is register on our website (ticking the box to subscribe to the newsletter) and get a friend to do the same (you know, that one you always think about when you read visualMAG). And that's it. If you win, you will each get a pack of books and magazines. You can take part until the 6th of January and we will reveal the lucky winners on the 8th of January.

After registering, send an e-mail to mag [a] visualmaniac . com with the following details (yours and those of your friend): username, first name and surname. It is that simple. Good luck! 


Wolfgang Tillmans. Neue Welt, ed. Taschen
The German artist abandons the recurring themes in his photography for a while to direct his gaze at the world surrounding him: images that display the exoticism hidden in places such as London, Tasmania, Nottingham or Papua New Guinea. These are snapshots of journeys that "are aimless, not looking for pre-determined results," but speak their own language understood by Old World explorers.

Club Donny

Biannual journal on nature and urban environment which features cities with green buildings, people who steal flowers to take pictures of them, secret forests and horses that disappear by grace of the god of thunder. For by now it is obvious that nature is the only thing that can save us from the apocalypse.

Day Job
Elliot Walker's magazine explores working life from a creative perspective. A few months ago, the New York-based designer was sure about something: the innocent question 'What do you do?' kept his anonymous flight companion talking about his own job for two hours. That's where the idea of this beautifully edited magazine came from.

Recycled Home, ed. Laurence King
A recycled and recyclable book that teaches us how to make countless useful objects from others we don’t need any more. For crafts are all the rage again. On these adult afternoons fighting against the clock, filled with alarms on our phones and social notifications, DIY seems to calm us down and make us happier.

Liquid Cultures in the Wasteland, Roger Bartraed. CCCB
This short essay (part of the Frontiers series of lectures) by Mexican thinker Roger Bartra analyses the "post-democratic" situation that arose nearly a decade ago, "which is increasingly dominated by a dank and flaccid irresponsibility". Ten years later we could say that times have changed. We will have to wait and see what the next decade brings.


El fotolibro latinoamericano, Horacio Fernández, ed. RM

In this award-winning volume, photography specialist Horacio Fernández brings together 150 books published throughout Latin America from the 1920s to the present. It is an essential title that will allow you to discover the history of photobooks in Latin America and acknowledge their role in the international panorama of photography publishing.

In the Spanish lyrical tradition, the partridge is known for being a lucky animal. PERDIZ (Spanish for partridge) is the title of a new magazine that aims to brighten our mornings. It shows us what we usually don't see, the other side of the coin, the good news, smiles, pleasures and utopias of people and the things that make them happy. 'A publication of social activist with a positive tinge.'

Le Petit Neant
Exquisite drawing journal just launched by two students of London’s Royal College of Art. Inside, a 'silent army of graphic artists who weave their pictorial narratives from their imagination, […] often witty, absurd and surreal'.

Wreck this Journal, Keri Smith, ed. Planeta
A book that asks to be destroyed, burned, sewn and thrown out of a window. The multi-talented Keri Smith encourages creativity with this book packed to the brim with calls to action. Destroy to create something new. Follow the famous maxim, 'we are all artists', word for word.

Las lógicas del delirio, Remo Bodei, ed. CCCB
In an insane world it seems that delirium is the only possible way to survive meaningfully. In an uninhabitable land, all that remains is the insane notion of discovering that lost space where you can find yourself. This book details the lecture given by the Italian philosopher Remo Bodei at CCCB as part of the debate The Human Condition.

* This competition is only for European residents.

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