December 30, 2011


Which is that second? In which decisive moment does a book become a book?

The sixties was that prolific decade for contemporary history in which restrictions were not fashionable. From the sixties is the first unbound book, the first book in a box: Composition nº1 by the French writer Mark Saporta, today republished by Visual Editions . This exceptional London-based book publisher, with barely three books edited since 2009, has earned a more than deserved position in the scene of impeccable editions. First with The Life and Opinions of Tristam ShandyGentleman , by Laurence Sterne and, definitely, with Tree of Codes, by Jonathan Safran Foer.

The great Matt Pyke, from Universal Everything , has collaborated in Composition nº 1 , producing two versions of the same book –one in paper and one for iPad- which make the most of their medium. Composition nº 1 invites us to reflect on the reading experience, on our reaction when faced with a series of loose pages, apparently connected, or a series of words that follow one another with no end on a screen that lights up when the rest of the lights have been switched off.

We never imagined the future would be so beautiful.

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