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January 19, 2012


Michael Embacher has an attic full of bicycles. He has collected them throughout his life, fascinated by the elegance and precision of these two-wheeled devices. His attic is now an encyclopaedia, published in the shape of an illustrated book and app for iPad by Thames & Hudson and Heuristic Media.

Cyclepedia covers the last 90 years of history of this great invention without which the world would not be the world. Its digital version is very much like an encyclopaedia from the future, obviously visual, but with an appropriate equilibrium of text, videos and pictures. It is possible to explore the more than 100 bicycles by year of manufacture, type, brand, country of origin or materials. Each bicycle’s file gathers together curiosities about its design, the races it has won or its owners. It also includes a complete visual glossary and countless curious quotes. The Embacher Collection and Cyclepedia have rare specimens such as the Skoot, a yellow suitcase that becomes a bicycle or the Capo Elite “Eis”, designed specially for ice, with a skid instead of front wheel.

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