GOODBYE TO SAVE AS... PUBLICATIONS: It’s the end of the world as we know it (and we feel fine)

By Teresa de Andrés. June 20, 2013


Save As… Publications, Irene Minovas and ferranElOtro’s project which has materialized in 19 publishing artifacts in six years, is ending how it started, with their eyes looking forward. Although you don’t know when you first create it, every project has an expiration date marked on the calendar: the energy and needs of the founders mutate over the years and then it’s time to invent new things. Save As…Publications was born in 2007 when the two young artists felt the need to escape from the corseted-exhibition space and work in an open and flexible way, with some lengthier reading times and giving more freedom to the reader.

How could you create a self-managed publishing house and not enjoy the almost alchemical power of having a book transform into something different each time a reader sets their eyes, ears, and senses on it? Momu & No Es, Daniel Jacoby, Manuel Segade, Serafín Álvarez, Mariona Moncunill, Martí Anson, Pauline Fondevila, Francesc Ruíz, Fito Conesa, Martín Vitaliti, dj=vida, Latitudes and Enrique Lista have been the architects to shape the Save As…Publications catalogue together with the two founders, always curators of new formats.

But make no mistake. The close of Save As…Publications isn’t following the typical trajectory of a company who is victim to the recession. They have decided to put an end to it by holding an event with a fun name: It’s the end of the world as we know it (and we feel fine). With the last title, Fe de erratas, they cast a look back to throw it – without the paralysis of melancholy but with the strength of nostalgia – forward. See you soon.


Irene and ferran knew clearly from the start that their work didn’t end when the Save As…Publications books left the printer, but rather, also included giving them life and distributing them once they were produced. So, despite the closing of the publisher, their books are still out there in the world. Their digital versions can be read for free on visualMANIAC.


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