‘Gregory Crewdson’s images are one of my greatest influences in photography’

By Floriane de Lassée. February 8, 2013


Right about now, French photographer Floriane de Lassée is probably setting up her equipment in some remote area of Nepal after having made a stopover in Turkey. Both locations are part of a round-the-world trip which will take her to Japan, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil - amongst other places - over the course of ten months. This exciting project (‘Le Tour D'un Monde’) serves to conclude a series of photographs about the female gender. The series began with the interesting ‘Inside Views’, in which she observed women through the windows of their apartments in different megalopolises. It continued with ‘Présences’, in which, by simulating the agonising space of a box, she portrayed women’s movements behind opaque glass. The series was then completed by How Much Can You Carry...?’- shots taken in Africa of Sub-Saharan women’s mysterious ability to carry enormous weight on their heads. All of these projects have granted us a very personal view of de Lassée’s career and have led to her becoming increasingly well-known, precisely now that she has just announced she has a new representative: La Galerie Particulière, in the Parisian neighbourhood of Le Marais.


'XXI (Vingt Et Un)'

A brand new magazine which deals with fascinating issues that are used for understanding the world much better: the one which is far way from us but also the one which is very close, getting together the best part of journalism as well as edition. 200 pages with no advertising but lots of information, research, stories, features, photography, comic strips...

'Tropical Gift'
- Christian Lutz (Ed. Lars Müller)

"Black gold, Black continent, white business".
This photographic essay by Christian Lutz captures the invisible world of those dealing with oil and gas in Nigeria.

'Beneath The Roses'
- Gregory Crewdson (Ed. Hatje Cantz) .

This is one of my major photo references. Crewdson uses cinema tools to take mysterious pictures when the sun goes down, it's something between magic and anguish.The scenes take place in the American suburbs.

'Gregory Crewdson (1985-2005)'
- Gregory Crewdson (Ed. Hatje Cantz)

Another essential reference by the great genious Crewdson. This books compiles 20 years of work.

'Drawing File'
- Yoshitomo Nara (Ed. Foil)

This large format book is a collection of vintage envelopes, received by the artist and then customized, drawn by himself. The printing is so beautiful that you feel as if you were holding the real envelopes!

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