HAVE A NICE BOOK: Photos, Books and Videos

By Teresa de Andrés. February 27, 2012


Yosigo and Salva López take pictures, collect books and film videos of photography books. A few months ago they decided to translate their passion for photography publications into the online project Have a Nice Book, an initiative that aims to promote the books, the publishing houses and the authors that make them possible. In this site we can find great classics, self-published books, fanzines and new printed editions.

On the Have a Nice Book website –and on their Vimeo channel– there are more than 50 videos, all showing photography books. They offer a similar experience to what we feel when leafing through a book or magazine, but this time it is not our hands but others the ones that touch the jackets, the flyleaves and the edges of the pages in the books. Rinko KawauchiMartin ParrPaul Graham or Ricardo Cases are some of the photographers in this virtual library of books turned into videos.

Have a Nice Book satisfies our scopic curiosity for a limited time, compelling the rest of the senses to act.

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