'I died with laughter reading 'The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews''

By César Segarra. January 14, 2013


César Segarra is storming through the visual arts scene. It only takes a quick look around his web and blog to realise that. The young Catalonian is one of our most talented and tenacious photographers within the world of fashion and advertising. He has already worked for magazines such as Marie Claire, Fiasco, Neo2, Vice, METAL and V Spain as well as companies such as Custo and Roberto Piqueras. This is his selection of books and magazines for visualMAG.


I'll Be Your Mirrow. The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews

Andy Warhol
Da Capo Press (Ed. by Kenneth Goldsmith)

As a great admirer of everything Warhol, I relish this compilation of interviews he gave that offers an insight into his every thought and his way of seeing things. I read it every so often. You’ll inevitably find that you’re dying with laughter at the situations and at who manages to interview him.



I cherish this first issue of the magazine METAL very fondly. I remember how difficult it was to find. It wasn't for sale, everyone was talking about it and it wasn't easy to track down. It was my first year in Barcelona and I didn't know many people until I met Renier who gave it to me from his shop, which has since disappeared, in Riera Baixa called Le Swing.


Lettres à Yves

Pierre Bergé

The first book that I read in one sitting and that made me cry. Agonising and intensely beautiful at the same time, it is a collection of extremely passionate letters from one genius to another.


Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You
Peter Cameron
Frances Foster Books

Last summer before spending some months in New York, I was looking out for a book about a young guy living in the Big Apple and I came across this one by Peter Cameron. It's one of those books that make you imagine being where you want to be, encouraging you to repeat its title to yourself over and over again.


Grow Up
Ben Brooks

As a fan of the spirit of a generation, I had to include Ben Brooks’ fifth publication in this selection. It’s half auto-biographical, half fiction. A while after discovering the book, I got to photograph its author and I found out that a lot of the book is based on his own experiences.




I've just received the first fanzine that is completely dedicated to my personal work. It’s curated by Luis Dourado from Portugal, and includes some incredible texts by Clare Molloy in Germany about her views on my photographs.

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