KERN AND BURN: Design the World

February 22, 2012


Design is not only technique, software and colour palettes. Design is the designers with their lives, decisions and aspirations. To design is to trust that everything is possible and that the world can change –and that it is, in fact, changing. At Kern and Burn they believe so and that is why they want to publish a book in which designers-entrepreneurs share their experiences on what it is like to invent the world on their own.

Tim Hoover –"pretty much burn"– and Jessica Karle Heltzel –"pretty much kern"– are behind this project, halfway between the virtual and the physical. In December 2010 they started the blog “100 Days of Design Entrepreneurship", a sort of travel diary on the book-creation process, where each day they publish an article that inspires them. “Love your family, make things with your friends and keep moving forward” is some advice we have received from renowned designers after months of interviews.

Kern and Burn have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce the book reaching in just one day 50% of the target set. The format and narrative of the edition will be decided during the production process. A book that still doesn't have a title, isn't it exciting?

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