La Casa Encendida digital catalogues: Luke Fowler and Frederick Kiesler

By Blanca Ruiz . October 30, 2013


La Casa Encendida joins visualMANIAC and we want to celebrate it by offering its first two digital catalogues. This fall, the Madrid-based cultural and arts center has organized two exhibitions in which architecture, film and photography are combined to surprise visitors and show the work of two great artists: Luke Fowler and Frederick Kiesler.

Luke Fowler. Common Sense

The exhibition on Luke Fowler, accompanied by the digital book Common Sense, shows three movies by the Scottish artist: The Poor Stockinger, All Divided Selves, and Pilgrimage from Scattered Points. Three films about three different people whose lives are portrayed from a very personal perspective: the historian E.P. Thompson, psychiatrist R.D. Laing and musician Cornelius Cardew. The Scottish filmmaker humanizes these great thinkers and intellectuals of the 60s and 70s.

Luke Fowler's work is characterized by its biographical nature and shares elements with documentary film. In his work, he mixes self-produced images and archival footage with interviews and music.

Frederick Kiesler. The stage explodes.

Frederick Kiesler was a versatile artist who spent much of his life working on scenography, but who also devoted himself to architecture, painting and sculpture. He worked with three main concepts –superimposition, simultaneity and intertwining–, becoming for many a key figure in the renovation of art. Now, almost 50 years after his death, La Casa Encendida has organized two exhibitions and a screening series around the figure of the Austrian-born American artist, whose programme is included in the digital book Frederick Kiesler.

The stage explodes displays the artist's work through scale models, plans and sketches of his projects accompanied by the analysis of the curator Bárbara Lésak about Kiesler's contributions to the art world. The photography exhibition Face to Face with the Avant-Garde gives an overview of Kiesler's life through a collection of photographs from Vienna's Kiesler Foundation that show the artist with friends like Max Ernst, André Breton and Andy Warhol, among many others. Finally, the 100% Cinema screening series is a tribute to the artist's film practice, organized around three main concepts: Kiesler and the avant-gardes, Kiesler as programmer and discoverer, and Kiesler and architecture. 

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