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By visualMAG. April 3, 2013


World Book Day is just around the corner and here at visualMANIAC we want to celebrate it in a big way. Very soon, we'll start sending out invitations like crazy so that you can start enjoying the visualMANIAC Beta catalogue of digital books and magazines.

And to add a touch more excitement to the wait, as from today - until 23 April - we are officially launching an open call for digital mock-ups as part of World Book Night 2013. If you have published your own artists' book or photobook, send the mock-up in digital format to us here* and take part. The best will be published in our specialised digital bookstore alongside other publications about art, photography and design, which can be viewed online and offline using our iPad, Android and desktop apps. The winners will decide if they want to put the book up for sale or offer it for free. Although we love the papery smell of a good book or a magazine fresh off the press, we’re also inconceivably drawn to pixels, their immediacy and their lightness. And that’s why we want to offer the best digital publications about the creative and cultural industries.

* Files must be sent as medium resolution PDFs. If your book is selected, we'll contact you to ask you for the high resolution file. The authors are the owners of the publications' rights and our bookstore works as a non-exclusive sales and diffusion channel. Should you have any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us. 


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