The App & Mobile Case Study Book

By Elia Maqueda. March 15, 2012


The expression “to go” shopping seems to be losing its meaning and will probably dissolve as time goes by; we don’t have to “go” anywhere anymore to have a true window display in the palm of our hand. Not only we can see on our phones and tablets what we are going to buy/download, but we can also analyse and value the products before we buy them. With this “pocket” supply and demand philosophy, Rob Ford and Julius Wiedemann edit a series of books for TASCHEN, made up of 3 volumes (for now): Guidelines for Online Success, The Internet Case Study Book and The App & Mobile Case Study Book.

In this article we deal precisely with the last one. The first thing we could ask ourselves is what sense does it make to print a book precisely on mobile content. There lies the big difference of the path that TASCHEN begins with this series: zeros, ones, programmes and applications that volatilize in the Net can –and must– be captured in a place where they can be touched, read and consulted every time we have a doubt or we want to know the origin of any of the icons we use every day in the shape of a mobile app.

The App & Mobile Case Study Book is divided in five categories: Games, M-Commerce, Promotional, Social and Utilities. For each of the analysed apps, there is a description of what the client was looking for, the solution proposed by the development studio and the repercussion among the users. This is maybe the most interesting part of the study: the possibility for the readers to value for themselves the usefulness of each of the apps and decide if they deserve a slot in their digital routine.

Many of the apps mentioned in this book are widely known (Angry Birds, Instagram, Flipboard), others are less known but they are worth the try (Jamie Oliver's recipes in Jamie's 20 Minute Meals, Lewis Carroll's stories in Alice for the iPad or the possibilities offered by Adobe Ideas or Stickybits). Maybe the only objection to the guide is that it doesn’t mention if the apps are paid or free. For now, this catalogue is finite, but it has a digital extension where maybe more options will be added in the future or, who knows, maybe the series will grow with a new volume sooner than later.

Now that we carry the market in our pocket, we will have to learn to go shopping without it “getting out of hand”.

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