THE BOOK COVER ARCHIVE: visual collecting

January 25, 2012


Collecting (that is to say, the willing to accumulate objects of a kind) is getting more and more necessary. The only problem would be to end up with a million documents scattered through desktops and portable drives, like clothes piled up inside the closet. That is why it is important to sort things by type of device, as we do, for example, with books in bookcases. The only disadvantage of this almost old-fashioned piece of furniture is that it was not conceived to enjoy the natural combination of having all covers facing forward.

The digital solution to this problem is brought to us by The Book Cover Archive where, for once, the stars are not the writers neither the stories held inside the books, but the artists that have interpreted them on the cover. At a glance, we fill our eyes up with colours, fonts and illustrations (or the lack of them). This visual archive created and edited by Ben Pieratt and Eric Jacobsen will delight anyone that has ever secretly bought a book solely because of its cover artwork.

Now we see everything clear. And facing forward.

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