WEMADETHIS.ES: Spanish Post-Digital Creation Culture

By Teresa de Andrés. October 11, 2012


WeMadeThis.Es, edited by the Barcelona based publisher Index Book, is one of those books which are so heavy that they can only contain something good. Almost four and a half pounds inside nine by twelve inches bound in boards. Edited and introduced by Héctor Ayuso –designer and founder of the OFFF festival on post-digital design and culture–, it also includes two short texts by the co-founder of Domestika, Wenceslao Sanz, and the curator of contemporary design at Cooper-HewittEllen Lupton. These texts praise the situation of current Spanish design, admiring the work of our designers, who have managed to survive some harsh times. Difficult times. There is a reason why they were the ones to invent the superpower of finding quick solutions to new problems.

Héctor Ayuso’s curatorial work stands out in this volume acting as an exhibition-directory that gathers a sample of the work of some of the most promising and lucid design studios in Spain –who work inside and outside our borders–. Focusing mainly on Barcelona and Madrid, the two cities with the strongest creative industries, but with slight flashes of others like Bilbao or Murcia. Throughout the almost three-hundred pages of this book we find names like Marta CerdàBase DesignLa CamorraCANADAKike BesadaTwo Points or Vasava (it’s really hard to cut short the never-ending list of talents, but you will surely prefer to check it by yourselves). Illustration, art direction, editorial design, video or motion graphics are some of the fields of the designers gathered in WeMadeThis.Es.

We did it. It was us. We dethroned kings, conquered lands –entire continents–; waving flags we embarked on wars and golden centuries, we wrote books. We dethroned kings to put them back in their place. We invented countries. We lived isolated from the modern world for almost forty years, doing things just like these, our way, moving forward and then backwards again with small revolutions. We survived. And here we are today, in a lucid country with a bitter present and a future that claims to be invented. We are surrounded by talent. I trust –I trust– that we will not be on our own. Because this you are now seeing, well, we made it.

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