10 questions - 10 answers: Carmen Segovia

By Carmen Segovia. February 11, 2014


Tree women that stare blindly at space – firmly – and dream about travelling the world; fragile and strong couples, connected by lines of color that do exist beyond the edges of the frame; children who do not know, moss men, perfect musicians. The apocalyptic mess inside a rabbit. Artist Carmen Segovia was born in Barcelona in 1978, where she studied illustration. She has been living between Barcelona and Mexico City for a while, from where she gives life to dark and shiny book characters and draws for newspapers, magazines and music projects.

What do you see if you lift your eyes from the screen
: The longest street in Mexico City
A book: The last one that I've read and a (very) good one, This is how you lose her by Junot Diaz.
A magazine: The Plant.
A song: Echo a correr by Lydia Damunt.
A recipe: My mother's flour crumbs; she mades them with onion blood sausage, peppers, fried fish... Delicious!
A city: A big old city where there are more subways than cars, with lush gardens, theaters and bookstores.
Travel: A wedding reception at the court of Henry VIII.
A decade: The Golden 20s in the 20th century.
A photograph: One from this spring in Mallorca.
An artist: Tove Jansson.
A film: Every movie made by Polanski.
What will you do after answering this questionnaire: I'm gonna buy a mamey ice cream!

More illustrations by Carmen Segovia at IRA KLAAS, a digital book published by Morsa with texts by Borja Duñó that delves into the story of a girl that has to travel to northern Japan because of an old family secret. There, a mysterious grandfather and a volcano will do the rest:

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