10 questions-10 answers: Teresa Solar Abboud

By Teresa Solar Abboud. January 20, 2014


A film that looks at a landscape. An image embodying an unknown universe. The work of artist Teresa Solar Abboud leads us, slowly, to those real or imagined places that no longer seem familiar. High-speed cameras, road trips, foreign languages, reconstructed scenes, the lives of others, baroque gardens in modern deserts, atomic bombs and secret projects that made the invisible visible. How to draw the ground in a movie or on a stage that might look like a movie in a lost roof in Cairo.

What do you see if you lift your eyes from the screen: I see 7 green marble round pieces.
A book: Scanner Darkly.
A magazine: Watchmen in fascicles.
A sound: There is a bug in the jungle that emits a loud and growing whistle that is just like the sound of danger in thrillers.
A food: Olives.
A city: I'd like to return to Cairo.
An image: Bob Ballard finding the Titanic.
An artist: Janet Cardiff; I love everything she does.
Travel: Everywhere.
A decade: I don't mind.
A movie: Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
What will you do after answering this questionnaire: Eat an ice cream!

Teresa Solar lives in Madrid. She works as an artist and she is co-founder of Pucalpa, a creative studio that designs objects, furniture and interiors and that smells of ancient languages ​​and arcane wonders. We discover Teresa Solar's artworks at the free digital book
No heroics, please, published by CA2M:

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