Interview with Kevin Braddock, Editor-in-chief of Sleek magazine

By Kevin Braddock. December 5, 2013


I've seen things you people would not believe: magazines who worship the god Janus, fashion and art with two heads and hundreds of doors, beginnings and open end; spirits divided into two hemispheres that demonstrate that it is possible to start from scratch every time wrapped in feathers and diamonds as harlequins-bird. We are talking about Sleek. And we are talking with Kevin Braddock, Sleek's editor in chief, about the process of editing the magazine, occupying buildings meant to be night clubs meant to be editorial departments –or the other way around, maybe– and how is it to work with an art editor with powerful laser eyes. Welcome to Sleek magazine: Art now, Fashion forever.

Who is behind Sleek?

Sleek has been in existence for ten years. It started in Hamburg and then moved to Berlin. Christian Bracht is our publisher, and there are six or seven or us in the core team, and we work with Bureau Mario Lombardo in design.

Where do you work from?

We are on the 14th floor of one of Berlin's few Skyscrapers. The floor above is a night club, two floors below is another nightclub, and there is a nightclub in the basement, so sometime I have the feeling the building isn't really about work. But we do work very hard.

How do you select the artists and projects that will be featured on Sleek?

We meet as a team and discuss the bigger ideas in the magazine, the theme we curate, and then Hili Perlson, who is Sleek's art editor, has a laser-guided talent for picking out fantastic artists here in Berlin and beyond. We also have a great team of freelance writers, stylists, art experts and so on who input into the final editorial.

A couple of books/magazines you couldn't live without.

Books by Michel Houllebecq, John Berger, Geoff Dyer, Richard Benson, and I like to look at British Vogue, 032c, Private Eye, Rouleur, TISSUE, Flaneur, Hole & Corner and Esquire among others

What do you see right now if you raise your eyes from this question and what will you do once you finish this interview?

A picture of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay on the slopes of Everest in 1953. Then I will go for a short walk. 

What is the soundtrack of this interview?

The sound of champagne corks punching the ceiling. 

You can find the digital issues of Sleek Magazine on our Atlas and read them on computers, iPad and Android tablets.

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