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JULIA POTT: Animals Made of Bones

February 2, 2012


Julia Pott draws human-animals who live, as a whole or in pieces, moved by a love that's not entirely romantic. She tells stories about friends and change, about growing up surrounded by sand and becoming somebody else.

Was it drawing since the very beginning?
Yes, absolutely. I went through a brief period when I was 3 of wanting to be a balloon but that's about as far as dabbling in other career path's went.
People always told me I should wake up in the morning being excited to go to work, so this seemed the best way of doing that.

Three words that make you think about your childhood.
Unfair, beach, broken bones. That sounds like a weird poem.
Did you have some sort of talking pet you get your inspiration from?
Haha no..but i'm sure you've seen those horrifying and awesome talking pets on youtube. Those blow my mind. I am actually not an animal person - they
tend to flee from me, apparently I am not gentle enough for them. I killed 7 hamsters growing up. Not on purpose of course, just out of general absent mindedness.

Supermarkets: love them or hate them?
I actually love them. I know they're a big bad chain and putting everyone out of business, and I do my shopping locally when I can but I can wander around those big grocery stores which sell everything for hours. I wish people went on dates there instead of to restaurants - they're great for people watching and finding ridiculous flavours of ice cream.

Name 5 filmmakers, artists or writers that have somehow influenced your practice.
Priit Parn is a great influence on me - wonderful Estonian animator. J.D. Sallinger is incredible, Franny and Zooey is one of my favourites. John Irving's works about New England make me very nostalgic. Rob Reiner is a guilty favourite director, and Woody Allen is the ultimate.

Do you like graphic novels?
I honestly don't really follow graphic novels, i've never been able to get into them. I do appreciate a good snoopy comic though, or a bit of Calvin and Hobbes.
Which is the song that you cannot take out of your head right now?
Today it's a lot of Paul Simon because I built a sofa to him last night. And also the Cosby Show theme song, because I must have watched ten episodes today whilst drawing.
Can you tell us a couple of websites you are addict to?
I love listening to Radio Lab online, Motionographer is great, and Rookie Mag.
If you get your sight away from your computer right now, what’s the first thing that you see?
A print by Jack Hudson which I am just about to hang up in my living room...probably slightly wonky.  

Julia Pott draws animated characters and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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