Arquitectura ContemporáneaKRISTOFFER BORGLI: Nordic BloodEl Croquis


January 30, 2012


Kristoffer Borgli's videos are like dark blood drops on a plush carpet. They talk about nostalgia, plastic cassettes and quiet violence.

When was the first time you actually held a video/film camera? Do you remember your firsts shots?
I got a videocamera for my 15th birthday, and was already deeply in to skateboarding. It was only natural to make skateboard films.

Three words that make you think about your childhood.
Cassette. Attic. Neighborhood.

Does your nose bleed frequently?
Sometimes if I've slept bad I'll wake up with blood on the pillow.

Name 5 filmmakers, artists or writers that have somehow influenced your practice.
Charles Burns. Spike Jonze. Gus Van Sant. Arne Korsmo. William Eggleston.

Your ads are amazing, is Norwegian TV full of cool commercials or it’s just you?
Scandinavian advertising is actually often pretty amazing. But thanks!

Which is the song that you cannot take out of your head right now?
The new Young Dreams track I'm making a video for. It's amazingly catchy.

Can you tell us a couple of websites you are addict to?
It's a shame, but recently getting single has made me hyper social. Facebook is ruining my writing. But other than that I find looking at pictures often help me if im stuck creatively, so I'll browse tons of picture blogs like haw-lin, yimmy's yayo etc.

Seriously, where do you find so many awesome toys?
Ebay and second hand stores. I'm a sucker for nostalgia. It's one of the best feelings in the world; right between sad and happy.

If you get your sight away from your computer right now, what’s the first thing that you see?
Mountains and snow. I'm in a hotel room up north of Norway.  


Kristoffer Borgli makes videos and lives in Oslo, Norway. 

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