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SALVI DANÉS: Black Photography

February 14, 2012


Salvi Danés is a block of flats is a city that smells of darkness and haste; a convoy that crosses the blazing steppe and the dishes in the kitchen, a hut in a forest where something is about to happen.
It’s like that underground trip that ends in the end of the world.


What motivates you when you pick up a camera?
The determination to see things filtered through my lens. There is no doubt that photography is linked with a thirst to discover, through the lens, a new world. This is sometimes very close to the real vision, but at times it is closer to our personal imaginary. I am seduced by the idea of creating atmospheres from the raw material that reality is and then take them to a more personal realm.


Three words that make you think about what you do.
Observe, recreate, recognise.


Five artists (photographers, musicians, writers…) who have influenced your work.
In photography: Koudelka, Moriyama, Davidson, Guilden, Weggee and many more. Lately I haven’t listened to any specific music but I am quite trapped by Pavese’s diaries (The business of living).


Countryside or city.


Day or night.


Old or new.


Where do you think your series are going or where would you like them to go?
I don’t think too much about that. I position myself in a continuous learning process, to experiment and discover from my own discourse. I am quite instinctive when I take pictures and I guess that is transmitted when facing projects and conveyed in the general methodology.


What do you find in the cities where you don’t live?
Mainly society, but also a motivation to discover. To consider its essence and find the characteristics that don’t reveal themselves at first sight, to search in an alien city for urban conditions that awaken an interest in me, that suggest images.


What do you think of Barcelona’s photography scene?
I am not up to date, but I think there are initiatives with very good intentions, moved by a passion for photography and its general promotion. Maybe there are not enough training resources in certain aspects as well as opportunities in the field for the younger ones.


Would you say photography is of (any) good?
I can’t speak for the rest. Personally, it’s my way to see and interpret what surrounds me.


What is your favourite format to show your pictures (book, screening, web…)?
I love photography books. I think that in addition to having a small physical portion of the author’s work, it is a very rich format for the photographic work to acquire its proper form. It uses several main points of the photographic reading, like narrative, editing, layout, etc. That is why I think it is an essential instrument for the discourse of this medium. Failing that, any format that can adapt not only to the images but also to the author’s visual approach.


Which is the last photography book you have bought?
A catalogue on Xavier Ribas edited by the University of Salamanca, but I have been after Citizens, by Jun Abe, for some time now.


If you lift your head from the screen, right now, what do you see?
The regular clutter on my studio desk.


*What is the soundtrack of this interview?
The radio, general current affairs.


Salvi Danés takes pictures and lives in Barcelona.



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