ARCHIZINES: another architecture

December 28, 2011


It is time to thank all those who spend their precious time diving into the universe of contents and make those compilations that make our life a little bit easier. ARCHIZINES  is an exhibition, a catalogue and a website where we can find fanzines and architecture magazines from all over the world. Papers different from the usual papers, selected by the writer and curator Elias Redstone on his trips around the world. Small architectural explosions from countries such as Norway, Canada, Mexico or Argentina, among others. Electric publications with poetic names like HorizonteEvil People in Modernist Homes in Popular FilmsSPAM,Megawords or Preston is my Paris.

If you want to have a good time immersed in fresh pages, you can buy the project’s catalogue, published by Bedford Press, make a trip to London and visit the exhibition at the Architectural Association  before December 14th or hope for your city to be one of the lucky cities to host the show in 2012.

You can also go on the Internet, type in and lose yourself in a world of links and beautiful pages. 

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