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May 7, 2013


There’s no doubt that 'Caimán - Cuadernos de Cine' is currently one of the most highly reputed film journals in the Spanish language. At the end of 2011, it picked up the baton from ‘Cahiers du Cinema España’, carrying on the tradition of iconic contributors that had filled its pages since 2007 and the editorial policy of its historic French source. In doing so, it has enabled all cinema enthusiasts to continue enjoying in-depth analyses by the best theorists and critics of the seventh art in Spanish. From this very May, 'Caimán Cuadernos de Cine' will be offering readers a digital version of the magazine in our online library. We at visualMANIAC couldn’t be more excited, and to celebrate we’ll be devouring both the latest edition as well as all the old ones that you’ll be able to find in our catalogue. And if that weren’t enough, each month we’ll also be offering a new copy filled with the best analyses, premieres and retrospectives from the celluloid world.

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To follow, we’ll be reviewing the content of 
'Caimán Cuadernos de Cine's May edition with the help of seven illuminating clips. So hurry along to visualMANIAC for your digital copy to read wherever the fancy takes you!

'I Walked With a  Zombie' - Jacques Tourneur

With the third season of The Walking Dead recently out, critic and journalist Ángel Quintana takes the opportunity to look back at how zombies have been portrayed on the big screen. His pick of not-to-be-missed films include I Walked With a Zombie (1943), by Jacques Tourneur, which is also discussed here by Spanish filmmaker José Luis Garci.

'The Great Gatsby' - Baz Luhrmann

It’s not the first time that this classic of 20th century North American literature has been transferred to the big screen: in fact, there are four other adaptations – the most memorable being the 1974 version starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Carey Mulligan, one of a new generation of actresses whose career is reaching increasingly dizzying heights (An Education, Shame and Drive), takes on the role of Daisy and reveals the main aspects of the film in this video.

Cannes 2013

Another ‘French May’. The magazine checks out what’s on at the renowned festival, highlighting the Gallic directors who are increasingly gaining notoriety abroad –for example Arnaud Desplechin and François Ozon, who this year will be launching the film Jeune et Jolie.

Cannes 2013: Asian cinema

Ángel Quintana takes a look at the section dedicated to Eastern cinema, basing his exploration on a trio of renowned directors: Zhang-Khe, Miike and Kore-eda. A surprise mention comes in the form of Philippine director Liav Diaz, who created North, the End of History as well as Death in the Land of Encantos.

Altántida Film Fest

Three years ago, director of Filmin, Jaume Ripoll –who also features in this interview– decided that the Internet should have its own film festivals… And so the Atlántida Film Fest was born. Gerard A. Cassadó takes stock of the most recent festival, which has reached a record number of 30,000 viewers.

Philippe Garrel

One of the new faces with most appeal in French cinema is Louis Garrel. Directed by his father Philippe Garrel, and starring alongside Mónica Bellucci, he brings the warmest season of the year that much closer with A Burning Hot Summer (Un été brûlant). Caimán Cuadernos de Cine gives us a fabulous retrospective on the filmmaker in the section Itinerarios.

Bill Nichols

Fascinating and exclusive interview with leading film critic and theoretician Bill Nichols, author of Representing Reality, which addresses the relationship between documentary cinema and new technologies. In his words: "Without surveillance cameras, Google Maps or the recordings that citizens made during the Arab Spring, the West would never have known what was really happening". This documentary from the BBC supports his belief.

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