CLUB DONNY: The wild magazine

By Elia Maqueda. September 10, 2012


By now it is obvious to all of us that nature is the only thing that can save us from the apocalypse. Because the love for nature is no more than an act of selfishness, in form and content. I truly believe that ecology was born to fight for its own redemption –but, you see, we shouldn’t say it out too loud in case we awake the monsters that live atop the skyscrapers–. These days we should try to get close to the centre of the earth as much as we can, keep stones in our pockets and leave the jungle flourish in our rented flats. We know it’s not easy but we have good news: we don't need to embark on a mass exodus towards uninhabited hamlets or volcanic archipelagos, as it is suggested from time to time by social movements –at best– and mass media –at worst–. Club Donny is a magazine on nature and urban environment, edited in Rotterdam twice a year, which shows that there is still motionless air inside the eye of the hurricane.

Club Donny talks about plants, smells like plants, is filled with plants. It features cities with green buildings, people who steal flowers to take pictures of them, secret forests and horses that disappear by grace of the god of thunder. On its pages there is no straight line that divides the urban from the rural, fiction from truth. The limit, shaped as magazine and paper that smells like roots, is vague on purpose and breaks the mould of any kind of photosynthesis.

Frank BruggemanErnst van der Hoeven and Samira Ben Laloua created Club Donny in 2008. The inspiration for the name comes from Bill Murray’s character in Broken Flowers (this of course made us fall head over heels). So far the magazine has eight meticulous issues that narrate and display urban experiences that fall always close to nature. They can be purchased as a digital edition or on paper through their website and other specialised bookstores. And if that is not enough, it is also an open community for all those who love plants, with special issues on different varieties that they teach us to grow. Club Donny is a democratic and open publication where we can all share our pictures and stories related with urban nature.

Literature, photography, plants and the chance to belong to a secret club and save humanity from destruction? I don’t see what else you can ask for.

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