DAZED & CONFUSED: Back to the future with Daft Punk

June 11, 2013


With summer just around the corner, it’s in June that we become thirsty for good reads and ideas for the summer. The latest issue of 'Dazed & Confused', which is available on our bookstore, has a plethora on offer. Fronting the British magazine is one of the season’s most awaited comebacks – the new album by French duo Daft Punk. It’s a recommended issue that will engage your brain cells and stop you getting bored during those first few afternoons by the pool.

'Face To Face'. Interview with Daft Punk & Giorgio Moroder

If you live on planet Earth, you will probably have heard that after prolonged silence, Daft Punk released a new album, Random Access Memories. And if you like music too, you’ll no doubt know that a guru of disco music - Giorgio Moroder - collaborated on it. Dazed & Confused interviews the French duo and the Italian producer in depth in Los Angeles. Moroder mentions the key to success of disco music in this video: “Everyone likes to dance. It makes people happy”.


Kenneth Goldsmith - Ubu Web

Ubu web featured in a post in which we listed five of the best audio resources we could find on the internet. Dazed & Confused gathers together the words of its founder, the poet Kenneth Goldsmith, in an uncharted and very personal profile.

Ted Nelson: 'The Leyend of Xanadu'

Son of renowned actors, the philosopher and sociologist Ted Nelson is the missing link between Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Considered one of the precursors to the internet thanks to his project Xanadu in the 60s, he was also the first to coin the term “hypertext”. In this issue’s incredibly interesting interview, Nelson clarifies some technological advances and questions a lot of the perceived truths about the World Wide Web.

'Animal Haus' - Ben Toms

In this article about humans with animal heads, British photographer Ben Toms and stylist Robbie Spencer hazard a guess at the fashion trends of the next winter season. Now you can be the pet.


Hack Your Future

Find out just how much you know about cyberactivism. An article featuring examples of campaigns and types of hackers; some have been classified as cybercriminals and others simply use technological tools to protest against what they consider abuses by the political and economic class. Where is the limit? The debate is on. In the next video you will meet one of the interviewees of Dazed and Confused, Isaac Wilder, founder of Free Your Network.

Nasir Mazhar: 'Inside the design process of an anti-concept guru'

Young designer Nasir Mazhar is drawing ever nearer to the image of an iconoclastic artist of the 21st Century. He cites Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and Alexander McQueen amongst his fetish inspirations and confesses his passion for African culture in the interview, in which he welcomes Dazed & Confused into his work studio. As chaotically attractive as his work.

*You can buy the digital version of 'Dazed & Confused' on our bookstore visualMANIAC.


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