DEATH: Mortality in a Magazine

February 15, 2012


It is never easy to write, think or live death in spite of writing, thinking or living with death constantly and more often than we would like. "Death: a magazine for the enthusiast and non-enthusiast alike is an existential art and writing journal about the facts and fictions of being alive." It is edited in Portland by the designer Forrest Martin, with four issues under his belt. In each one, different writers and artists offer their answers to the only question that, deep down, we ask ourselves all the time.

Each number dives deep into the famous topic through every possible perspective –for now, "Strangers", "Superstition" and "Sex"– because, as they say, death is everywhere. On the pages of the last issue, dedicated to animals, we find thoughts on the digital death, the contradictions of being carnivorous or a special section with reviews of funerals.
Death is published twice a year in paper and digital format, which is available for free online. It is a non-profit project and has no advertising.

Life is the relationship with fleetingness and death is a magazine.

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