HOLO MAGAZINE: From the website to the artist's core

By visualMAG. December 31, 2012


In the midst of the race to nobody-quite-knows-where, imposed by the pace of 21st Century production, HOLO magazine somehow champions a retro philosophy – a deceleration of the time standards our era has taken on. This exciting editorial venture originated on the initiative of the digital collective CreativeApplications.Net and will materialise in two 150-200 page publications per year, which “will be more of a book than a magazine”, according to those at the helm.

One of the most interesting and authoritative blogs on digital art –which, since 2008, has also explored the convergence of art and technology– is behind the project. Contrary to many other publishing concepts, it is the digital version that has fallen short when displaying content. CreativeApplications.Net says that the printed version “focuses on the things we’re missing on the web; the faces, the personalities and anecdotes behind important work”. The main idea is to take an in-depth look at studios, galleries, workshops and institutions from all over the world and offer an intimate portrait of such. For that reason, the collective believes, “the pace, depth and sensibility of print allows us to invest heavily in each story, and craft months of research, travels and conversations into nuanced portraits you won't find anywhere else”.

All of the reports will be written by experienced writers and photographers whose personal perceptions will be contextualised and enriched by current trends and topics in visual essays, sweeping surveys, theory, opinion and experimental formats big and small. Interdisciplinary artists, scientists, technologists and toolmakers will also play a role in the supervision of each issue since the project advocates the synergy and convergence of perspectives.

At this stage, HOLO Magazine could not have been better received. On 15 December it exceeded its crowdfunding target. In other words, this also meant that internet users had democratically and overwhelmingly voted in favour of the project, to the delight of its founders. The content of the first issue, which will almost certainly be published in spring 2013, has already been finalised and CreativeApplications.Net has released the names of the artists who have welcomed them into their workshops: Jer Thorph, Semiconductor, David O’Reilly, Eno Henze, Chris O’Shea, Philip Beesley, Raquel Meyers, Zimoun, Wolf Lieser and Derivative.

If everything goes as planned, the final outcome will be revealed when all things green are flourishing in the northern hemisphere and the birds begin to sing.


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