Humanize Magazine: The anything but 'common' look of Ted Oonk

July 15, 2013


He says that he considers himself a voyeur and an observer. Something that's necessary for his profession. Ted Oonk (1987) is a Dutch photographer and visual artist who didn't dream of becoming a photographer when he was a child. Photography found him along the road. His maturation as an artist has developed gradually throughout various disciplines like drawing and painting. One of the concepts he has worked on most closely is that of normality and its definition driven in the West. Throughout a photography series dedicated to his sister Pim, who has Down's Syndrome, he has successfully centered the debate about normality--which our eyes are subjected to every day– in the photographer's true challenge: bring out the individuality of every person in a photograph.

Humanize magazine has prepared a special issue this summer around the figure of Ted Oonk.



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