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By Sara Zaldívar. October 15, 2012


Those who worship the greats such as CocoChristian or Yves but don’t have enough “change” to buy a handbag or a gorgeous dress, can always find consolation in a lipstick or a perfume. For the enthusiasts of what is different or (to some extent) less known, the lipstick comes out of the oven in the shape of a magazine. Fashion brands whose leitmotif is to focus more on art than on creating a massive empire which would never see their publications mass cloned and sold on the black market. So, if you cannot afford a wonderful coat or a stunning silk carré, here is a selection of magazines with covers that entrap you and an inside that seldom disappoints. 

Acne Paper

If you approach this magazine in the right way, your wish for a Nordic revolution to invade the world will increase to the infinite. Exquisite editorials and an aesthetical taste seen through a filter in keeping with the brand’s philosophy. So say its creators: "Acne Paper is a glamorous and intelligent magazine celebrating personality, authenticity and style". Personally, I hope they carry on celebrating for ever and ever, Acne.

Cos Magazine

The Swedish have something special and Cos Magazine, even more. After having managed to shape a strong brand identity, they still have time to turn Cos into a magazine with the same appeal as any of the garments hanging in their stores. The same can be said about their design and contents: from their latest fashion shooting in Le Corbusier’s Unite d' Habitation in Marseille, to any artistic object worth mentioning including collectors of objects such as light bulbs or soap bars.

Le Monde d'Hermès

This magazine was launched in 1973. There is a reason why they are and will always be the kings of savoir faire, because even their magazine is 40 years old. A way to instil the brand’s spirit through photographers, writers or artists. Tradition is not incompatible with anything or anybody and that is why they have chosen Olivia Bee, adolescent photographer and vice versa. She is from Portland (could it be the Swedish America?) and, lucky for her, she signs the magazine’s latest cover.

Opening Ceremony Annual

How to go from being a small showroom/store/art gallery to reach the whole globe? Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have the answer. The list of collaborators is infinite: Kenzo, Adidas and Topshop, among others, and Sevigny as the brand’s favourite for everything. Their latest achievement? A wonderful annual thematic magazine with a first issue –Sports– devoted to fashion as a collective in all its forms, starting off with the principles followed by Baron de Coubertin to “reinvent” the Ancient Greece Olympic Games. In short, high aesthetic quality and savoir faire, because that is what it’s all about.

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