January 4, 2012


Letter to Jane is not only the title of one of Godard’s film, but “a proof of concept that software can indeed be something personal and autobiographical”. At least that is how the creator of this magazine for iPad, Tim Moore, describes the latest issue. To call him “creator” is not just a manner of speaking: this Portland-based art lover has programmed, designed and produced a great deal of the contents of this delicate digital publication, which is already on its third issue (and is raising funds for the fourth, "Four Stories").

Letter to Jane features photos, videos, interviews and articles. It talks about cinema, music or fashion from a personal and poetic point of view. The latest issue, “Moral Tales”, created during a trip on the Oregon coast, manages to freeze time among beaches, roads and improvised settings with guitars, keyboards and empty mattresses.

Tim Moore says that some time before starting with this issue, he saw over and over again Rohmer’s Contes moraux and Chantal Akerman’s first works. The influence of both film-makers in LTJ is apparent: the three share, in their own way, clear and powerful narratives, vulnerable to the essential mystery of open endings.

For now, our favourite magazine for iPad.

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