By Heidi Romano | Intro: Teresa de Andrés. October 23, 2012


Heidi Romano takes pictures. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, in the antipodes of what is expected. Her photographs capture space, air, light, silence. They get here like a stroke of luck. Calmed and ambiguous. Sometimes gelid, sometimes burning. In a room in a forest where we hide what we cannot name.

Heidi Romano takes pictures and every two months she shapes the online magazine Unless You Will, where photography emerges from its ashes. Hundreds of photographers have been part of its more than twenty issues, carefully compiled by a pair of expert eyes from a porch in Australia.

Heidi Romano takes pictures and today she recommends us the magazines that keep her moving forward.


I have to confess I do not read many magazines anymore, as a lot of magazines are from Europe and it is hard to get them here, but here are a couple of my favourites. I have a big interest in photography, design and apps, and these magazines cover all aspects of my curiosity.


Is a print magazine about the creators of websites and apps. I have read the first two issues and love it. Currently waiting for a moment to unwrap my third issue and explore it. It is printed on nice paper and Kai Brach has designed it stunningly. I love reading about the app makers and designers in print version - nice change.



Today I recovered my first issue of Slanted and really enjoyed it. A good mix of stunning typography, photography and once again printed in lovely paper.



Yvi Magazine

I wish I could get my hands more easily on this magazine as it is an absolute photography treasure. I have discovered many artists I didn't know before and Welmer designed it fabulously –he also recently won the AICA Award for best publication– congratulations Welmer.




A good and consistent magazine I get where and when ever I see it. Foam always features amazing and talented photographers and you will not be disappointed by any issue. The latest issue features: Olga Cafiero, Alejandro Cartagena, Samuel Falls, Noemie Goudal, Grace Kim, Shane Lavalette and many more.


Creative Review

Creative Review

This one is my favourite for design. You can always discover amazing new talent, read about the latest design trends and be genuinely design inspired.


British Journal of Photography

British Journal of Photography - iPhone & iPad App

It is hard to get hold of all the great journals in Australia, so when BJP came out with an app I signed up immediately and was more than happy to browse through each issue. Recently I also had some time and discovered their iPhone app and it is a great device to sit on the train and read up on fabulous artists I have never seen, or forgotten about their work. Lovely to be reading, browsing & exploring.


V Mag


I just discovered this one online, but it looks like a winner, plus they are currently looking for entries to the theme Glück - Luck.

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