By Ricardo Juárez | Intro: Teresa de Andrés. July 13, 2012


Ricardo Juárez designs books, fanzines and flat surfaces. He creates newspapers from new papers that he later turns into exhibitions with the number 11 as emblem. Once a year he ventures into mutant fairs and he still finds time to be part of editorial design studios for cultural institutions and “vulgar” curatorial projects.

He has chosen for us six publications that arise from his “fixation with everything printed in a rotary press”:

The following publications are not necessarily my favourite; I have only selected a few from my personal collection –in chronological order– and which for one reason or another are important for me.

Reading Lists

Spin/2 Reading lists
Spin (United Kingdom)

Reading lists was one of the first newspapers –on design / independent / …– I purchased. I bought it in a bookstore in London because it was the cheapest thing in the whole shop, but it turned out to be a very good purchase. It introduces reading lists for designers recommended by personalities such as Wim Crouwel, Michael C. Place, Daniel Eatock or the Experimental Jetset team. Designed and compiled by Spin and printed in a salmon tabloid. Now all I have to do is to start reading their recommendations.

Pie Paper

Pie Paper (New Zealand)

When Javi and I were preparing the launch of New papers #0 –by the end of 2008–, these guys from New Zealand launched the first issue of their new publication in Semi Permanent: Pie Paper. Nothing new: a topic for each issue with related contents. But it is worth it. I have all four issues published so far, although they haven’t published anything for some time and their site is not working, so I don’t know what has become of them.


PWR Paper
Rasmus Svensson and Hanna Nilsson (Sweden)

The work by Rasmus and Hanna has always amazed me, so when they launched a publication I didn’t hesitate to buy. As they told us in their talk at the Libros Mutantes Fair, with their #6 they end a cycle. Time to move on. A shame. In these two years, many of my favourite artists have contributed to PWR: Travess Smalley, Andreas Banderas, Joel Evey, Rachel de Joode… It might be easier if you have a look at the list by yourself.

Post Internet Survival Guide

Post Internet Survival Guide
Katja Novitskova (Estonia)

A basic publication to understand the art that has arisen in the last few years because of the Internet.

Great Things of Comfort

Great Things of Comfort
Jon Salamon (Sweden)

Life has wanted that many of the publications I had to design were newspapers, and that's where I get my fixation with everything printed in a rotary press. This is one of the last ones I’ve bought, very similar in its concept to New papers. But that won’t make me grudge it.

Library Paper

Library Paper
Catalogue (United Kingdom)

Catalogue Library is one of the top-notch participants we had at the Libros Mutantes Fair. These two amazing lads from Leeds presented on the 12th of July in London their new publication: Library paper. Lucky enough I was around. With contributors like our studio neighbours in Stockholm Studio SM. Something else to be taken into account is their fanzine collection printed with RISO.


Ricardo Juárez is a graphic designer from Madrid who lives in Stockholm. 


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