MATADOR Ñ: From Molecular To Virtual

By Elia Maqueda. March 1, 2012


Matador was an avant-garde magazine. We are not saying it’s not anymore, but innovation is necessary. As some people say, “adapt or die”. That is why the alphabetical publication par excellence (which is already on the most Spanish letter of all, the ñ) has made the leap into the digital universe. For the first time, together with the paper edition we have another version in the shape of an app for iPad and Android –designed by Erretres– that increases the reach of such a Spanish issue starring Ferran Adriá.


This time, the annual edition of Matador is devoted entirely to Adrià, who is one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of the 20th century. This simple and straightforward man has transformed today’s haute cuisine because he “wanted to mess around”, according to the words of a man who we could describe as chef, scientist or visionary. The pages (or the screen) of the magazine are loaded with pictures by Hannah Collins, music by Peter Gabriel and words of Gustavo Martín Garzo, Roger Buergel or Yves Michaud. Of course, the limelight is taken by the places where the molecular gastronomy was conceived and developed: the extinct restaurant elBulli and the workshop-school-surprise elBullifoundation, which is shaping up as that party we all want to be invited to.


The paper edition costs no less than 70 euros but the iPad and Android versions have a price that suits more pockets: for just 8.99 euros the app gives access to all the contents of the Ñ issue of Matador and to 40 minutes of video and additional exclusive contents.


Somersaults are always welcome, especially if we can touch them with our fingertips.

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