More summer with Sleek, Mousse, Caimán, Vanidad and X-TRA

July 22, 2013


What is it that we look for in summer reading? Tranquil evasion, a love affair, voyeuristic satisfaction, to roar with laughter, food for thought… Each one has its own reason. What's sure is that in these months of the year we all have more time to dedicate to reading. Quality time. Publishers know it, that's why they will pore over the essays every summer season and break their skulls preparing the special issues of the magazines for our sole delight. On the towel at the beach, on the sundeck by the pool or on the tranquil couch at home. This is the selection that we have prepared at visualMANIAC. You only have to put your eyes in orbit.

Sleek Magazine: Sleek is a gold mine for fashion addicts. Its summer issue The Other and The Many proposes a fundamental question in these cybernetic and hyperconnected times: Do the best ideas come from working individually or in collaboration between designers and artists?

Mousse Magazine
: Dive into this summer's contemporary art with this extensive issue of nearly 300 pages. Whet your appetite with a fresh tour of four cities: Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, and London and a special about the Venice Biennale through a conversation with five of its curators.

: Are you one of those who's seen the love affair between Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke grow with nostalgia? Caimán dedicates its cover to one of the most well-known cinematic trilogies extended over the past 20 years, that culminate with Before Midnight. It's also worth mentioning Bertolucci's interview, Elías Querejeta and Jean-Pierre Melville's specials and an interesting analysis about independent distribution in Spain.


: The feminine magazine that men love. A really fresh look at trends, film, fashion and beauty. Recommendations for summer city dwellers or beachgoers who finally have found some time to dedicate to themselves. We've totally earned it.


X-TRA: This quarterly publication about contemporary art, highly specialized, was born out of the concerns and questions of a series of artists and writers living in Los Angeles. If you still don't know it, this summer seems like the perfect moment to get close to it for the first time. Enjoy!

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