O FLUXO: The magazine that flows

By Elia Maqueda. September 28, 2012


Flux. Masculine noun, from Latin fluxus. 1. Movement that fills a space. 2. Vicissitude of the events.

That’s the definition we find on the website of our Lisbon-based neighbours for the term that gives the name to their magazine, O Fluxo, which we finally have in our hands. According to the University of Oxford and its celebrated (love it or hate it) dictionary, a flux can also be an action, the process of flowing and the magnetic field passing through a surface. But O Fluxo is, above all, a magazine. A magazine that flows, that discharges images and texts like an uncontrolled geyser. And that’s its purpose: to establish a circulation current on what we find throughout the world wide web, to reinterpret the many sides of online art and communication; to turn into something organic the visual hailstorm that attacks us every morning and every night from inside the screen of our computers.

Thanks to “Circulating Forms of Reality”, the first issue of the magazine born this summer, we have learned who (and who didn’t) invent surfing, we got hold of a useful teen text messaging glossary (NTK PAW*), we have seen a different face of haute couture and, on the whole, we have developed our visual consumption to unforeseen limits. Because O Fluxo is, above all, visual and that is why you have to see it, look at it, touch it with your eyes. So, if you stumble upon this magazine, we fervently recommend you to drink it, to eat it with knife and fork or to get it tattooed in big letters on your forearm.

We are eagerly waiting for the next issue and we drink a toast to the birth of a new flux revolution.

*If you don’t understand this, what are you waiting for to find the first issue of
O Fluxo?

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