SALFORD ZINE LIBRARY: “Self-Publishers of the World Take Over!”

January 12, 2012


Salford, that medium-sized town in the depths of the industrial England, has seen the creation of one of today’s most interesting fanzine collections: the Salford Zine Library. The archive began to take shape in January 2010 (one year ago!) and already has more than 1400 publications. The brains behind the project belong to the illustrator Craig John Barr, who reminds us that any self-published work is welcome.

Encouraged by all this energy, he has produced the film Self-Publishers of the World Take Over!; right now it lasts 35 minutes, but it keeps growing. It this film we can see self-publishers from all over the world who, loyal to the autodidactic spirit that still guides many of us, record their own interviews answering the questions made by Craig John Barr from places as distant as Japan, Brazil or Australia.

Although it is possible to access some extracts on the Internet, the complete film can be seen until the 29th of January in the Salford Museum and Art Gallery (watch out! new spaces to screen the film and to expose this incredible fanzine collection are wanted!). We hope that somebody is encouraged to bring it close to us, because we can’t wait to set our eyes on it.

And you, don’t you fancy making a fanzine?

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