SANDWICH MIXTO: Zines you probably won’t find down at your local food market... right?

By Virginia de Diego. April 17, 2012


You head to the food market but you end up buying a fanzine. It’s possible. It can happen and right in the centre of Madrid too. 300 grams of illustrations, 100 grams of drawings, a bunch of design and a few punnets of ideas. Plenty to create your own Sandwich Mixto - Spain’s answer to the croque monsieur is also the name of this initiative which helps to circulate self-published projects. It hails from Mercado de Antón Martín – its distinguishing trademark – and was founded by Virginia de Diego on her return from the Netherlands in 2012. Bit by bit, word has passed from mouth to mouth and more and more people have been finding out about Sandwich Mixto. What’s more, it is soon to take part in the festivities leading up to the opening of the Feria Libros Mutantes, as part of La Noche de los Libros. It will be involved in an event taking place on 23 April at La Casa Encendida to display one of the oldest and most authentic forms of calligraphy: the signs used by small traders in traditional markets. It’s all trade, dedication and ham and cheese.

*This selection reveals some of Virginia de Diego’s favourite zines, which you will be able to flick through amongst the culinary delights also served up at Sandwich Mixto – Madrid’s most authentic fanzinemonger.

- Roberto Carbajal Massó

What would the best follow-up be to "gatomatones"? Dinomatones. And if you still don’t know what an "animaton" is, you know nothing, Jon Snow. Cats with cigars and scars, sharks covered in tattoos and fights to the death between street cats and ex-convict lynxes. This volume has it all - crime novel-style gangsterosaurs, employee of the monthosaurs, dino playmates and paleogenic fights. The cretaceous period or “whatcha thinkin ‘bout?”


'Christopher Discovered America By Mistake'
- Pere Saguer (Bad Weather Press)

Emoticons, 404 error messages, photo frames because the URL doesn’t work. A lot of PC, beach volleyball and milkshakes. This is one of the most recent publications by Bad Weather Press from the north of Catalonia and it is all produced in a MAC environment.


'Carita De Gitano Con Sida'
- Juarma (Ediciones Ultrarradio)

I have a friend who hides it away every time he comes in – “we don’t want you making the gypsy or the gay community angry now, do we?”, he says to me – but I would always place it in prime position with pride. Then a gypsy came in and asked me why it was called, Carita De Gitano Con Sida (The Face Of A Gypsy With AIDS). Nevertheless, it’s still in prime position (in fact it has sold out twice now) but gypsies don’t come in any more. Rude jokes that are really sharp and a good dose of bad temper - great.

'Grayscale' - Ferrán Plá

Fanzine of screenshots from a video created by the author for a project commissioned by an imaginary museum (project by Kristina Dalberg). Grayscales, a lot of quasi-architectural repetition and minimal elements – almost like a skyline, like an abstract panoramic view of a city. And the texture of the image is somewhere between analogue (in fact the images were recorded from an analogue TV) and digital.


'Los Hijos'
- (Los Hijos, mooooon publishing)

This is where the Los Hijos collective creates problems for me: "I want to watch this YouTube video but I have to type it out letter by letter into my browser’s address bar". Aaaagh - first world problems. All combined with Roberto Vidal’s ever meticulous editing and design – mooooon publishing –.


'Yo, El vaquilla' - Alberto Blázquez (Editorial Mixto Books y Gráficas Torete)

That’s how love is. You like somebody and nobody can understand why – I’m hooked on Alberto Blázquez. Kinky iconography combined with Paul Naschy, a ghost train ride, KISS, Iron Maiden and Los Chunguitos. Because Jeros is the Spanish Rob Halford. I’m that big a fan of Alberto that we’ve published some postcards with drawings of the Mercado de Antón Martín stands (in collaboration with Gráficas Torete) called Alberto At The Market. The originals were auctioned fish market-style. And if you want to find out how, here is the promo...


'Fotos De Cuñas'
- Gabriel Pericás (TD Papeles Publishing House)

Well, just as the title suggests this is a compilation of photos of doorstops holding doors open. Minimal, black and white, stapled and photocopied. Simple yet simply marvellous.


'Montaña, Isla, Glaciar'
- (VVAA, Broken Dimanche Press)

The Correspondence from Eyjafjallajökull project, which led to this publication, is based on the eruption of what is now known as the Icelandic volcano, as a metaphorical excuse to reflect on the destruction of the idea of Europe. Art projects made expressly for the publishing world and two books (one in Spanish and another in English) in two-tone risograph print.

: The Tumblr of Fanzine Doloso. "It’s not you, it’s your bum" and other artistic jokes.


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