SLEEK MAGAZINE: now vs. forever

By Elia Maqueda. May 3, 2013


Picture day and night, heads and tails, black and white. That bit that is left in the middle, the space in between – be it dusk, grey or a curved line – is what you can find nestled amongst the pages of Sleek. This magazine about art and fashion covers issues that revolve around opposing ideas, in a bid to offer a portrait of contemporary culture, things you can see, touch, love or hate, now and forever. The publication’s subtitle isn’t "fashion now - art forever" for nothing.

Everyone’s been to Berlin; even those of us who have never been. It’s from this city, which was (or is?) split into two, that this dichotomous, polar, binomial and hemispheric magazine hails. Flicking through Sleek’s pages takes us from the two sides of the world to the two dimensional world of paper.

The winter 2012/2013 issue covered the topic of the heart and mind – those two old familiar friends who take us back to [enter your preference here]. Across 260 pages, names such as Tracey Emin and Martin Eden passed from our minds to our hearts with articles, photographic reports and other works under different cloaks. In fact, the wolf’s tongue falling sybillic between its canines against a blue background dominated the cover of this issue, which – above all else – left us eagerly awaiting the spring issue.

And boy did it arrive, and fulfil all expectations too. The spring issue braved what is currently a delicate and controversial matter. Fake/folk or the question of how much authenticity surrounds this return to the popular, to the bucolic, the beards, braids, flowers and checked shirts. As early as 1999, Richard Benson wrote an article in the magazine The Face entitled Faking the Folk, which he now complements with a second part in Sleek, and that is even more significant in 2013. Once again, the paths cross on the pages of a magazine as necessary as it is beautiful.

is here to stay, now and who knows if forever too. Maybe we don’t have to choose.

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