June 24, 2013


She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but the impact caused by her films tells a different story. Sofia Coppola is right in the middle of promoting her latest film, which she released in Cannes, starring Emma Watson as its protagonist. The Bling Ring is a controversial story based on real life events. A group of young adults, whose only aim in life seems to be fame and money, hatch a plan to organise a series of robberies in the homes of several celebrities. Who was targeted? In the film and in real life, the victims include Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom amongst others. The former two also have a cameo role in the film.

Coppola’s life could not be further removed from the plot of her latest creation. The first female director to be nominated for an Oscar, who grew up surrounded by lights and artists and lives in New York, doesn’t identify with the celebrity world. However, since her debut with The Virgin Suicides she has displayed a strong interest in disruptive adolescence and the views of the disobedient youth. Lost in Translation, now one of this century’s classics, has inspired dozens of young directors throughout the world who found a contemporary cinematographic language in her narrative poetry.


Seldom one to make appearances before the camera, this month you can get the chance to find out more about Sofia Coppola’s universe first hand. The French magazine Numéro interviews her on account of the release of her latest film, The Bling Ring. They do so in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, in which Coppola draws various parallel lines between her most well-known films. A mother to two children, she confesses she is an admirer of the cinematographic legacy of the Nouvelle Vague and Lars Von Trier. What led someone who moves between film, fashion and art to write and direct a story like this? Find out, and read about much more, in this month’s issue of Numéro.

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