STACK MAGAZINES: Surprise Letters

January 30, 2012


It’s eight thirty in the morning. The doorbell rings. You quickly put on an old sweater over your PJs and you run towards the door as if you were fighting for the first position in a sprint race. You turn the knob as you rub your eyes to see through the sleep and you smile at the courier, who at that precise moment seems like the best person in the world.

To get a parcel can make anyone’s day. And what would you think if we told you that you could receive directly at your door amazing magazines chosen by people whose job is precisely to look for the world’s best independent publications?

Stack Magazines offers an annual or monthly subscription to a wide selection of magazines of all kinds: websites that turned into paper (It’s Nice That), a fanzine on Romania’s cultural life (DoR) or a magazine that merges gastronomy, literature and illustration (Fire and Knives). The best part of this project is how the Stack team takes care of which magazine they choose to send to you, making sure it’s a different one each month so you can discover wonders that up to now you thought would be impossible to have in your living room.

All you have to do is to subscribe (the price –in pounds– can change depending on where you live) and the Stack team will prepare your surprise package and will send it to you once a month. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time if you aren’t happy with the service. But, who would want to give up on that moment of happiness when the postman rings?

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