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Many of Them is a self-published magazine born in 2008 with a limited run of 1000 copies that aims to become a debate forum for creators and artists who want to share their concerns and their approach to the daily action of creation itself. Oblivious to trends, this magazine with headquarters in San Sebastián –and which started as a diary– has its second volume out on the streets with collaborations by Comme des Garçons, Bernhard Willhelm, Yohji Yamamoto and Isaki Lacuesta, among others. Their maxim: 'To document the present and to become an archive for the future'.


BLESS. Celebrating 10 Years of Themelessness Nº 00 – Nº 29, BLESS

BLESS. Celebrating 10 Years of Themelessness Nº 00 – Nº 29 - BLESS

This duo of creators, Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss, has been essential for us –and since the day we started– to understand other possible approaches to the fashion, design and art worlds. All their “products” are here detailed, from their first wigs made with raccoon fur (Nº 00) to their wallscapes (Nº 29), documents of interiors photographed and turned again into paper to decorate other walls. An archive that gathers ten years of creation that keeps on making us believe in new consumption and production models.




COSMIC WONDER FREE PRESS is a publishing project that 'like a diary, expresses the present state of Cosmic Wonder in printed form'. And that means talking of artworks, a fashion project (COSMIC WONDER Light Source), ecology (The Solar Garden) and a multidisciplinary space (Center for COSMIC WONDER). We can’t think of anything broader, more coherent, better thought and so exquisitely achieved than this project conceived by Yukinori Maeda. 

This cookbook is made for Jesus, Susan Cianciolo

This cookbook is made for Jesus - Susan Cianciolo

Susan Cianciolo has been the creator of some of the most fascinating works and images created from the nineties to our days. Ever since she made the decision to distance herself from the fashion world to work as an independent artist and occasionally create more personal works of art, Cianciolo has produced gems such as this zine which, in addition to the ingredients and quantities, includes amazing illustrations.

La conquista de lo inútil, Werner Herzog

La conquista de lo inútil - Werner Herzog

Fitzcarraldo is one of our top 10 films and this is the journal Herzog wrote while preparing this impossible adventure. Whatever we say about it cannot compare to its reading.


Terunobu Fujimori Architect

Terunobu Fujimori Architect

Because everybody has been, at least once, dazed by one of his Tea Houses, this book gives us the opportunity to carry on being fascinated by many other constructions by this Japanese architect and historian who, after years studying everything about this discipline, didn’t start designing these outstanding constructions –all built with natural materials– until he was 45 years old.


El jardín en movimiento, Gilles Clément

El jardín en movimiento - Gilles Clément

In addition to having created amazing gardens such as those of the Musée du Quai Branly or Le Domaine du Rayol, Clément is one of the few who think and write about landscape in such a contemporary way.


MASTERPIECE, Gorka Sorozabal, Antonio Macarro y Maialen A.C.

MASTERPIECE - Gorka Sorozabal, Antonio Macarro y Maialen A.C.

Although to recommend your own work can be a bit low, we are very fond of this project we conceived in between the first and second volumes of Many of Them. While we prepare the third one we are rediscovering some of the treasures it hid and many of the anecdotes that came up in the creation process: for the book we interviewed several creators via Skype and with their homely environment and our studio only good surprises could take place…


Un Filme Falado by Manoel de Oliveira, Post Tenebras Lux by Carlos Reygadas, Amen by Kim Ki-duk or Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog were the films we had thought for this space, but we have realised that this proposal would imply adding videos. Since we don’t want to extend this list any more –it could be infinite– and because it condenses most of what we are now enjoying, we have chosen this one, any kwaito dance:

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