UNLESS YOU WILL: the pleasure of the eye

January 17, 2012


It is no secret that there is a great deal of talent out there. Also, thanks to the Internet, the will to embark on projects that are worthwhile is now in the hands of a growing number of people. As a result, more online photography magazines than we can imagine have been born in the last few years. With this amount of information, our mental health esentially depends on our capacity to choose what is worthy of our time and our eyes fixed on the screen.

Unless You Will is photography without adornment. It is clean and simple to a fault, with an invisible, but not non-existent, design. Heidi Romano, who is also a photographer, regularly gathers the work of several artists and creates a magazine in which it is a pleasure to get lost. The best part is that none of the series repeats register: each one uses photography as an autonomous language, different to the rest. Here is where the real talent of Romano lies: her eye seems immune to visual pollution and open to all nuances of the photographic language. That is why Unless You Will never bores you, because it escapes orthodoxy, lets the pictures talk for themselves and invites the spectator to be surprised with every new series.

Unless You Will is a break from the excess of images that invades us.

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