5 BANDS, 5 QUESTIONS: Lorena Álvarez y su Banda Municipal

By Elia Maqueda. June 2, 2012


I can’t remember either how I discovered Lorena Álvarez y su banda municipal. But the thing is that I wasn’t expecting it. It came one ordinary morning and I started laughing and crying at the same time. Because the jotas –that Spanish traditional folk dance– whether they are from Aragón, La Rioja or Extremadura, remind me of my grandmother and of school’s regional dance parties. Because tradition, free from conservatism overtones, can be wonderful.

We should all listen to
La Cinta in our walkmans –literally– while we crochet and eat chorizo butties. It’s a more than advisable exercise to return to those days when life was much easier and everybody could dance.

Lorena Álvarez y su banda municipal will be playing on Sunday 3rd: first at 1 pm at Parc de la Ciutadella (Minimúsica) and at 6 pm at Arc de Triomf. Let’s hope they play both side A and side B, one on each concert. At least.

1. The best and the worst about playing at a festival.

Well, it’s our first time so we still can’t answer this question.

2. What band are you looking forward to see this year at Primavera Sound?

To be honest, I still haven’t seen the programme. And, also to be honest, I’m not very up-to-date on bands. So, once there, I’ll see the concerts I like without knowing who they are.

3. A song you always listen to when you go on tour or before a concert.

Before the concerts we are so busy rehearsing –because we don’t normally rehearse beforehand– that we don’t have the time to stop and listen to music.

4. One of your songs which you still haven’t grown tired of playing.

Personally, I’m not tired of playing Centro de atención yet, not because it’s the one I like the best, but because it always provokes different reactions in the audience and I really like that.

5. Why 'Lorena Álvarez y su banda municipal'?

About Lorena, you can ask my parents, I don’t understand that either. And the banda municipal* bit, well, I thought of the idea one day and I found it peculiar that a town band, as the name says itself, belongs to a town and not a single person.

* Spanish for 'Town Band'.

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