By Elia Maqueda. May 29, 2012


Pegasus was born from the blood Medusa shed after Perseus beheaded her. Pegasvs was born from a holiday in Asturias and a life in Barcelona. Sergio and Luciana’s music comes from some of our favourite words, like tape recorder. We could talk about Krautrock, or about their previous projects, or about the songs. But we thought of asking them five questions instead.

And remember: samplers and analogue synthesizers to conquer the world.

Pegasvs will be playing on the Pitchfork stage on Thursday 31st at 5:00 pm. We’ll be able to see the stars at coffee time.

1. The best and worst about playing at a festival.

The best is that on the one hand you get the opportunity of being seen by people who haven’t heard your music before, and the worst is that they see you but afterwards they may not remember you after so many bands.

2. What band are you looking forward to at this year’s Primavera Sound?

We are really looking forward to seeing Rebolledo live.

3. A song you always listen to when you go on tour or before a concert.

We don’t normally listen to music if we are playing away, but we do like Godstar by Psychic TV.

4. One of your songs which you still haven’t grown tired of playing.

None so far! We enjoy every one of them so much; each one has its thing.

5. Why "Pegasvs"?

Because we like the ancient world, the constellations, and for us Pegasvs evokes strength, speed and, above all, freedom. 


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