5 BANDS, 5 QUESTIONS: Templeton

By Elia Maqueda. May 31, 2012


To the North of this plain shaped like a strange profile, there is a city filled with smoke-spitting chimneys. From there come these six wayfarers with a blinding and shiny album. The truth is that there are very few people in the world left capable of writing love songs and not making them sound sentimental. They can, because they are elegant, because they inhabit parallel outskirts; because they are the Cantabrian Sea echoing inside your inner ear.

Templeton will be playing on the SMINT Myspace stage on Friday 1st at 8:30 pm. Experts recommend not to miss their murmur.

1. The best and the worst about playing at a festival.

The best is usually the atmosphere. You have a good time and you get the opportunity of being seen by many people. The worst, no doubt, is missing a band you like because they play at the same time as you.

2. What band are you looking forward to seeing at Primavera Sound this year?

The good thing about PS is that there is always a great deal of bands that you are looking forward to seeing and many others that you still don’t know but that can make you fall in love with them after the first listen. But this year, one of the highlights will be The War on Drugs.

3. A song you always listen to when you go on tour or before a concert.

Above any song, Carrusel Deportivo* always travel with us in the van.

4. One of your songs which you still haven’t grown tired of playing.

From the previous album we only play four songs: Las casas, Brasil, La rana and Sofá-cama. We get tired of the songs soon. We can’t wait to start recording the next album so we have a wider setlist!

5. Why "Templeton"?

The things you find funny when you are young and crazy. It was the name of a character in the A-Team.


* A Spanish radio programme on sports. 


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