By Elia Maqueda. June 1, 2012


Some people know how to understand noise. Shape it, turn it into a melody. And that is one of the many things that David T. Ginzo achieves in Own, the first EP by Tuya, his solo project. An awaited, brave project, with a quality that surprises in equal measure enthusiasts of experimental (oh words, how worn out sometimes but how important) sound atmospheres and reactionaries of perfect harmonies and “real” percussion. From here we demand a whole album to save us.

Tuya will be playing on the SMINT Myspace stage on Saturday 2nd at 7:00 pm. And of course not. We’ll never be the same after the rain.

1. The best and worst about playing at a festival.

The best is the great amount of people that can see you just by chance. The worst is that they ruin the small venues circuit and people get a wrong impression of a concert’s value. Nowadays they are in the same position as town halls in the last two decades, creating a bubble that will explode anyway.

2. What band are you looking forward to at this year’s Primavera Sound?

Lisabö and Pegasvs.

3. A song you always listen to when you go on tour or before a concert.

Animal nocturno by Bertín Osborne.

4. One of your songs which you still haven’t grown tired of playing.

Hands of wasted men.

5. Why "Tuya"?

Tuya can be:

In Spanish it’s the female second-person singular adjective and possessive pronoun
In Spanish, it’s another way of calling the Thujas, a genus of coniferous trees in the cypress family.
Tuya (circa 1290 B. C.), Egyptian queen from the 19th Dynasty. Also called Tuy or Mut-Tuya.  
Tuya, a flat-topped, steep-sided volcano.  


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