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By Beatfull Day . November 29, 2012


Behind Beatfull Day's turntables, loudspeakers and DJ booths hide several Spanish artists of electronic music. Every fifteen days, they record the radio programme Beatfull Day by scannerFM in the Red Bull Studio at Matadero Madrid, which they flood with the creations of emerging musicians of this immersive, evocative and ecstatic genre. Because summer never ends on the dance floor.

This is the selection of electronic tracks proposed by Beatfull Day to be able to endure the first rain of the season; those work bummers that start to show their little heads to crush your own for the entire year; and the unbearable, distressing and weepy news bulletins.


NOSAJ THING – Eclipse/Blue

It seems like it was yesterday when the L.A. producer Jason Chung captivated us with his first long play Drift (Alpha Pup Records, 2009). The album –overflowing with background melodies, instrumental hip-hop, slick IDM and the now classic hit Fog– raised Nosaj Thing to the top of the emerging artists’ charts in the international scene, turning Jason into a clear referent in the West Coast electronic scene. After three long years waiting and after the release of a remix of the mentioned debut album, we get this gem that unveils what his second LP will be like and which counts with the extraordinary voice of Kazu Makino, from Blonde Redhead.                                                          


FOUR TET – Locked

Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet, released his new EP, Pink, at the end of last August. Included was this beauty. Although the English producer had already played Locked at the Fabriclive 59 session he recorded for this famous London club –later released as an EP–, we couldn’t help to select it for visualMAG as one of our favourite tunes for this 2012 autumn. Its syncopated and hypnotic beat, the beautiful guitar melodies Mr Hebden uses as main samples for the song and the strong bass guitar reassert Four Tet as one of today’s most interesting producers.


TNGHT – Higher ground

Time to let the bass take over. The first time we heard the footwork-style first chords and the burning sound box used by this duo of producers, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, to break dance floors all over the world we thought: 'Let’s take (surround) the Parliament!' Higher Ground is pure thrash, booming bass music that incites rebellion, which nowadays is definitely a good move. The EP –under the same name as the band– that includes this musical Molotov cocktail is a joint release by Warp and LuckyMe

TWO FINGERS –  Fools Rhythm

As you may have gathered from listening to the last two recommendations for a good start of the year by Beatfull Day, we do not mess around. We are not in the mood for nonsense! More shoe-burning tunes, this time on account of Two Fingers, the parallel project of one of the classic artists from the Ninja Turtles label: Amon Tobin (after Isam also known as The Rubik Master). Pure electronic hip-hop with an instrumental vocation that reveals clear dubstep and grime influences. Like TNGHT, for our nose Fools Rhythm expels a strong petrol stench… Is it the music or the latest statements by the Spanish Minister of Justice on modifying the penal code?


DERU – Choir

Relax time! Benjamin Wynn, aka Deru, who graduated in electronic music at the Art Institute of California, curated and composed most of the soundtrack for the film Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland; an audio-visual trip around the most beautiful corners of Iceland for which he carried out a number of field recordings. From the tracklist we choose Choir, a clear example of his personal taste for classic compositions and instrumental hip-hop. Do some research on this unknown genius because you will surely be more than surprised.

FLYING LOTUS – Putty Boy Strut

The next artist we recommend needs no introduction. Brainfeeder’s capo published at the end of September his fourth LP, third with Warp, titled Until the Quiet Comes. An album that is easier to listen for the ears of the less cultured in these matters than his previous release, Cosmogramma. But that doesn’t mean it has less quality or is less complex. Always loyal to his jazz influences, Putting Boy Strut is a mouthful of the new album by this artist worth listening from beginning to end. Extraordinary musicians have taken part in this album, such as Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead, Eryka Badhu and the bass player Thundercat, with whom he performed at last year’s Sónar.

THE GASLAMP KILLER – Nissim (with Amir Yaghmai)

For those who still don’t know him –we assume there will be very few– Gaslamp Killer is a guy from L.A. who looks like a guitarist from Grateful Dead. He has become the genius mentor of all the new American beatmakers who are influencing so much today’s electronic music. And he is also one of the brains behind the successful L.A. club Low End Theory. Nissim, one of the tunes included in his debut LP, Breakthrough, released by Brainfeeder, counts with the great Daedelus on the bass and Amir Yaghmai (from Jogger) on the yayli tambur, a traditional instrument from the Balkans. The Turkish Passion according to Gaslamp Killer, we could say. Mental note: Take Ana Belén out of our unconscious.


Nano would the Valencian equivalent to mate or dude, and that could lead us to think that Robot Koch comes from this Spanish region. Nothing further from the truth. This prolific producer from Berlin is one of the most renowned members of the vibrant German hip-hop scene and is part of the Jahcoozi trio, together with the exotic Sasha Perera and the Israeli Oren Gerlitz. Nano is included in the EP Cosmic Waves which has seen the light of day thanks to Project Mooncircle less than a month ago. We love its cosmic beats and the synthesizer textures; the combination of abstraction and concretion that his music delivers is a delight for our ears. We are sure you’ll agree.


ACID PAULI –  A Clone is a Clone

You probably won’t be familiar with the name Martin Gretschmann. But if we speak of his previous work, either using his other alias, Console, or as an active member of the band The Notwist, then we are talking. This veteran German producer goes back to the battle this time hand in hand with Nicolas Jaar and his label Clown & Sunset, set up in 2011. This track, which belongs to the album Mst, shows layer by layer, from jazz to Latin rhythms and his distinctive stop, why Acid Pauli and young Jaar have got along with each other so well. We could even think that this tune was created by the Chilean NY-based artist… Well, you know, a clone is a clone.

MONOLAKE – Hitting the Surface

It is common knowledge that the members who founded Monolake in 1995, Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles, are the fathers of the music production software Ableton Live. Henke, flying solo since his colleague decided to dedicate all his time to the company, published earlier this year Ghost, from which we highlight Hitting the Surface. This fascinating track with dark textures and ghostly voices takes us for over seven minutes through a mysterious passage of possessed melodies that very few are capable to perform as perfectly as Master Henke.

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